Trip to WDW: Day Three

Day three of our trip was one of the most exciting and my personal favorite.  Today we would visit Islands of Adventure.  I was super excited, as I had never been there before and I am a huge Universal fan.  Percy and I had been talking recently about how we wanted to go, and how fortunate for us that the wish had been granted so soon.

We had a nice and slow start.  We woke around 8am, putzed around for an hour before meeting my brother and his family at the hotel restaurant for breakfast.  The place was lovely.  It looked more like a sushi restaurant than a breakfast buffet.  Very modern and sophisticated decor, and the buffet was plentiful with a wide array of hot and cold food items.  The prices were reasonable and the server went above and beyond.

After breakfast, we Ubered up and headed to the park.  We met at the front of IOA, and after a long wait in line to get our tickets, we were free to roam the park.  We rushed in eagerly to finally take in what has been long anticipated, and it was great.  The beauty of the parks astonishes me and it is amazing to think about the heart, soul and human intelligence that goes into creating these beautiful, amazing rides.  As we walked along we noticed the ride for the Hulk coaster, and after some hesitation, my brother, hubby and I (everyone else was too scared) headed to test our luck, while my sister in law waited with the kids.  You see, roller coasters are not the same when you’re old.  Yes, they are fun, but I think more about the frightening stories I’ve heard of or getting ill.  We decided to take the single riders only line since it was only a 10 minute wait.  Less than 10 minutes later we reached the front and were seated.  Ironically, we were all in the same cart and my husband and I were together.  The ride was short yet thrilling, and we happily exited and went out to meet the rest of the crew.

The next ride we rode was the iconic 3D Spiderman ride.  It still holds up to its name and in my opinion, is the best ride I have ever been on.  My 4 year old absolutely loved it and asked to ride it again, which we did later in the day.  The effects were real and vibrant, the motion was thrilling yet not too jerky, and it is just overall a fun, creative, well executed reenactment of being in Spiderman.  I cant even imagine what my son must have been thinking.

Other rides we squeezed in were King Kong, which features a life size, real as can be King Kong and was too stimulating for my child (he covered his eyes the whole time.)  We jumped in line at Pteranodon Flyers as we thought it was only a 5 minute wait but were frustrated when it turned into a good half hour.  Slow moving ride with only 3 vessels that seat 2 each and not worth it in my opinion.  As my brother said, its the worst ride in the park and they need to do away with it.  Jurassic Park is a close second favorite, which is an enjoyable boat ride through prehistoric times.

Hot, sweaty and miserable waiting in line for Pteranodon Flyers

At this time, we took a little break and refueled with some ice cold drinks and snacks.  P and E played in the little kids section and rode quite a bit of rides while we relaxed.  We finished of the day with another go on Spiderman, and two fun and exciting spins on Popeye & Blutos Bilge Rat Bargers.  This is a white water rapid themed ride that has thrills, chills and is sure to leave you hysterically laughing and soaking wet.

At this point the park was closing, so we called it a day, happy and satisfied with the 6 rides and 8 go’s we got in the 6 hour time period.  My brother and his wife did us a tremendous help by taking E back with them so P and I could enjoy dinner and  a drink at Planet Hollywood.  What a pleasant and happy experience it was.  If you have never dined here, I highly recommended it.  They have an incredible atmosphere, with the best classic rock music playing, dancing servers and happily shouting guests.  We both ordered Hurricanes to drink, which were top notch and strong, just how I like it.  The food was incredibly tasty as well, we ordered the appetizer sampler and the chicken tenders were the best tenders I have ever had in my life- irresistible breading and perfectly cooked, these tenders were drool worthy and I will return just for these if anything.

After a super long and entertaining day, my P and I called it quits and called our final Uber of the night.  After an enjoyable ride home with a sweet, hard of hearing driver, we made our way to our room, climbed into our big, comfy, perfectly made bed and lights out.


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