Ultimate Packing List: Baby

Getting ready for your trip with your little one?  How cool.  There’s nothing more exciting than creating memories and seeing a new world for your young one.  But who knew such a tiny being would require so much stuff.  I will try to simplify this as best as possible but the truth is, baby’s have tons of baggage.  Below is a list of everyting you will need when traveling with your baby.

Diaper Bag

It is essential to have a well stocked diaper bag .  You never know what you will need or where you will end up.  Clean out, organize  and stock your diaper bag well in preparation for your trip.  I make sure my sons diaper bag has the following, neatly packed into the pockets inside the bag:

  • Diapering: Plenty of diapers and wipes (the more the better), diaper changing pad, diaper rash cream.
  • Feeding supplies: Bottles, formula, baby food, baby bowl and spoon, bib, burp cloth, snacks, water, juice.
  • Clothing: Two extra outfits, sweater, hat, socks, shoes.
  • Health: Baby Tylenol, teething gel and lotion.
  • Other: Teething ring, toys, lovie or blankie.


Clothes, for me, are the most stressful part of packing.  I never know how much to bring or what to pack.  Here is a list of clothing items you should pack for your trip:

  • Two outfits per day.
  • A few sleepers.
  • A variety of socks, hats and shoes.
  • A jacket or sweater and a rain jacket.
  • Swim wear (two of each): bathing suit, rash guard, sun hat and sandals.
  • A couple of evening outfits.

Sleep Gear

It is critical to have all of babies required sleep gear before embarking on your travel. There is no worse feeling than stepping onto the plane and realizing you left your child’s blankie at home.  With this list, you will never forget snuggles again:

  • Pack N Play: most hotels have one (or a crib) free of charge, but I like to bring mine for days at the pool.
  • A crib sheet and a couple blankets.
  • Your child’s favorite lovie or stuffed animal.
  • Lots and lots of pacifiers, if you use them.

Feeding Gear

  • Enough formula plus an extra can.
  • At least two bottles.
  • Baby food.
  • Eating utensils and bowl.
  • Snacks.
  • Bottled water and juice.


  • An assortment of rattles and baby toys.
  • Stroller toys.
  • A couple books.
  • Bon Voyage kit (see my post here).

Baby Health & Personal Care

For baby’s toiletries, I have a dedicated pouch in which I store all his things.   I make sure I have the following:

  • Travel sized shampoo, wash and lotion.
  • Baby nail clippers and file.
  • Baby medicine, thermometer and teething gel.
  • First aid kit (band-aids, alcohol pads, q tips, gauze etc.)

Travel Gear

What you will need to get around varies depending on your family size, but in general here is what you should bring when traveling with your baby:

  • Stroller: I would recommend a durable one with a sunshade, cup holder and large pocket underneath.
  • Baby carrier: Personally, I love my Ergo.
  • Car seat: If you’re planning on renting a car or using taxis, then a car seat is needed. If you utilize travel services, however, you may not need one. For example, if you stay on property on Disney and take the magical express to and from your hotel.

Items Specific to Location Destination

This is the funnest part about packing for me.  Digging out your goods that are specific to the place you are visiting.  It’s all about fashion with this one!

When I go to Disney, I get out all my Disney clothes, mickey mouse ears etc.  If I am going to the beach in the Dominican Republic, I get out my swim suit cover ups, sarongs, wide brimmed hats.  If I’m going on a hiking trip, I round up my tennis shoes, workout gear, fitbit and water backpack.  See my post here for specific items to bring on specific vacation destinations.


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