33 Family Beach Activities


Living just 3 blocks from the heavenly Atlantic Ocean, we have the unfortunate problem of running out of things to do while having fun at the beach. With my guide, you are sure to never be questioning what to do at the beach again.  Below is a list of some fun things you can do on your next beach trip.

*If you are traveling with a baby, be sure to read my post here on bringing a baby to the beach.

  1. Build sandcastles: This good old classic gets the top spot for a reason. Get creative and mix in some wet sand and artistic details. Build up that sand castle resume.
  2. Beach sports: Volleyball, Frisbee, swimming, surfing, bogey boarding, paddle boarding and snorkeling are just some of the fun beach sports to partake in. Cocoa Beach is famous for its surfing waves but has next to nothing in terms of snorkeling. Find out what activities are best at the beach you are going to.
  3. Corn hole: this is a fun game to play at the beach, provided you have the equipment.
  4. Play catch: another classic way to spend your time is to toss the ball around with your mates.
  5. Swim in the ocean!  Go on, the sharks will not get you.. git on in there!
  6. Go on a boat. If your up there on the VIP scale, perhaps you have access to a boat or you know someone who does.. embrace it if you can as there is no better way to spend your time on the ocean.
  7. Nature watch: Notice all of the different birds and beach creatures around you.. crabs, ants, seagulls and pelicans.  And keep an eye out for marine life!  Dolphins, manatees, jellyfish.. there is so much beautiful life buzzing right around you.
  8. Search for seashells and sea glass: It’s always fun and peaceful to sift through natures beauties.  Who knows what you will find!
  9. Walk along the shore: Take a nice, relaxing barefoot stroll on the shore line with the waves crashing at your feet.
  10. Have a picnic or BBQ: Pack a picnic basket and blankets, or if your beach allows it, a grill and tarp and have a delicious afternoon luncheon with your friends and family.
  11. Fishing: Beach fishing is very fun, relaxing and often very rewarding activity.
  12. Read: Get comfortable on a chair or towel and catch up on your current book or magazine. I often go to the beach just to do this.
  13. Take photographs: The beach is always a wonderful photo-op.  Whether you are taking nature photos or modeling on the beach, they always come out fabulous.
  14. Go to the pier/shops: Most beach towns have a main central area where the tourists, shops and restaurants are.  In Cocoa Beach we have the pier, which is a classic place to bring your visiting guests and for afternoons with your family.
  15. Fly a Kite:  I always forget this simple, yet enjoyable classic.
  16. Write: If you’re like me and love to write, the beach can be a wonderfully calming place to collect and execute your thoughts.
  17. Make friends: Unless you’re wanting complete alone time, park your camp alongside other folks and strike up friendly conversation with your neighbors.  Offer them food if you are cooking!
  18. Visit state parks and/or historical sites: Florida has a plethora of State Parks that are located at the beaches (for example Jetty Park and Sebastian Inlet) and they are all unique, fun and beautiful in their own way.  For info on how to plan an awesome day at a Florida State Park, click here.
  19. Tan: Lather on the tanning oil and darken your skin tone while lying under the sun.  Be careful not to roast too long, you want to avoid getting a sunburn.
  20. Send a message in a bottle: This is a fun and cute activity to do with the kids.
  21. Watch the sunset or sunrise: This is one of my favorite activities to do at the beach.  I often watch the sunset and sunrise and post photographs of it on my Instagram page here.
  22. Celebrate a special event: Got a birthday or memorial day coming up?  Or do you just want to celebrate Sunday funday?  Whatever the occasion,  the beach is an excellent place to plan a special event!  Just be prepared and see my list here for things to bring.
  23. Take a nap:  For some reason I have no problems falling asleep at the beach or movies.. the relaxing atmosphere just does me in almost every time.
  24. Work out: Take advantage of the time and tone up those legs! From walking, squats and yoga, there’s plenty of ways to get fit at the beach.  Involve the kids in this positive life habit.
  25. Have a scavenger hunt:  This one will be a huge hit if you have multiple children attending the outing.
  26. Play Games: If you have a group of people, cards and board games are a fun way to spend time challenging your peers.
  27. Play music: We always bring a Bluetooth speaker to the beach with us and jam out to relaxing beach tunes.
  28. Bury each other in the sand:  Get creative and add a mermaid tail or legs.  Take pictures then rinse off in the sea.
  29. Pass the water: Fill a plastic cup with sea water and have all the kids line up holding an empty plastic cup.  Have them pour it into their neighbors cup without spilling any!
  30. Enjoy a refreshing drink:  Make a batch of homemade lemonade or open a nice can of ice cold soda (adult beverages are OK, too 😉 .)
  31. Make a sand time capsule:  Write a note about the day with the date, time, location and who you’re with.  Bury it an come back 6 months to 1 year later.
  32. Lye in a hammock:  If your beach has the fortune of possessing a hammock, get in it.  You wont regret it, I promise.
  33. Enjoy the views:  Climb rocks and towers, or walk to the end of the jetty or boardwalk.  Enjoy and observe the unique beauty and limitless ocean sprawling all around you.

Either way you look at it, you are going to have a wonderful time at the beach creating memories, cleansing your mind and having fun.  Try to make it regular part of your life!


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